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How the new A.Celli iDEAL® EvoLock® Yankee Dryer allows you to reduce the number of inspections required

For companies in the tissue industry, the purchase and maintenance of a Yankee Dryer represents a huge expense. While the Yankee cylinder can last for decades, it is not always worthwhile to keep obsolete components running. The new generation Yankee Dryers allow you to significantly reduce the impact on company budgets in terms of both capital and running costs.

In this free guide you will discover all the benefits of the new A.Celli iDEAL® EvoLock® Yankee Dryer, the innovative Yankee cylinder with forged shell and head/shell coupling obtained without welding or bolts, designed to drastically reduce the number of periodic inspections required and the related machine downtime.

In this eBook you will find out:

  • What are the technical characteristics of a good quality Yankee Dryer;
  • The innovations introduced with the new A.Celli iDEAL® EvoLock® Yankee Dryer;
  • A comparative analysis of three Steel Yankee Dryers, including the new A.Celli solution, and the time required for the various inspections over 12 years of use.