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5 Industry 4.0 Tools that Boost Productivity in the Tissue and Nonwovens Industry

To remain competitive, tissue and nonwovens companies need to achieve a certain level of efficiency. The rise of new digital technologies is making this possible by enabling faster and more flexible processes while reducing costs. Many of the tasks that were once done manually or with the use of simple automation can now be fully automated thanks to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Why You Need This eBook:

Download this free ebook if you want to learn about the most important Industry 4.0 tools that can help tissue and nonwovens companies to increase productivity, such as:

  • Digital management tools capable of making data management meaningful in terms of company productivity;
  • The Cloud technology, that allows the remote control and functioning of your plants located anywhere in the world;
  • AI, to analyse the millions of data points collected from IIoT sensors and devices in mere seconds;
  • And other tools...