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How to manage soft Nonwoven and bulky Tissue paper

When dealing with the processing of Tissue paper and Nonwovens with high softness and bulkiness, it is important not only to obtain these characteristics during the production process, but also to preserve them in the so-called end-of-line, i.e. in the phases of winding, unwinding, rewinding, packaging and handling, up to the shipment of the finished product.

Therefore, it becomes essential to process these materials using machinery specially developed and built for this purpose.

A.Celli has developed numerous solutions capable of preserving the softness, bulkiness and quality of both Tissue paper and Nonwovens, guaranteeing a first-rate final result for any production requirement.

In this eBook you will find:

  • How A.Celli manages to preserve the softness and bulkiness of Tissue paper;
  • A.Celli solutions to preserve the characteristics of soft nonwovens;
  • A.Celli “Tailor Made”: a consultative approach for every need