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How to bring your lamination process to the next level

When it comes to producing laminated products such as face masks, surgical gowns, diapers and filters, maximizing the quality of your products while minimizing the costs is of the utmost importance.

It’s critical to find a solution to monitor and adjust the settings like speed and tension on the line during production, while the final product can be inspected in real-time, providing a complete picture of the quality.

Why you should download this eBook

  • to understand how you can properly improve your lamination process;
  • to find out the principles to ensure the precise tension for each layer of the laminate;
  • to learn the fundamentals to balance speed and production, to work in harmony with the speed of every other part;
  • to understand the importance of maintaining synergy between machines;
  • to uncover the best way to deal with the handling of everything from raw materials to the finished product, especially when a production increase is expected.