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Forklift VS AGV trolleys: what is better for the warehouse?

Are you still tied to traditional forklifts, fork-lift trucks and manually-guided transporters because you fear that Automated Guided Vehicles are too much of an investment or will require too much time before they can be fully implented in your warehouse?

In this free eBook you will be able to discover the benefits of AGV trolleys compared to traditional forklifts and gain knowledge that will guide you through your decision to invest in AGVs.

Which answers will you find in this eBook?

In this eBook we will to solve all your doubts, comparing AGVs and forklifts from different points of view:

  • When and how much the use of AGVs is more convenient
  • Which one is more efficient
  • Which one allows for more precision and safety in the warehouse
  • Pricing comparison and ROI