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Forklift VS AGV trolleys: what is better for the warehouse?

The Automated Guided Vehicles trolleys can be the best ally at your warehouse, but is it still tempting to stay tied to the traditional forklifts, fork-lift trucks and manually-guided transporters? The usefulness of AGVs is out of the question, anyhow doubts may arise around them. When and how much is their use convenient? What advantages do AGVs offer compared to traditional trolleys? Do they impact costs greatly or do they allow saving money?

What will you find in this eBook?

In this eBook we try to solve all legitimate doubts, comparing AGVs and forklifts from different points of view. In particular we are going to answer these questions:

  • Which one is more efficient between AGVs and forklifts?
  • Which one is more precise?
  • Is one of the two safer?
  • Which one is more flexible?
  • Are AGVs trolleys or traditional trolleys cheaper?