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A.Celli R-WAY AGV and other tools to automate the warehouse

Up until a few years ago, the success of the AGV was limited to the implementation and development of simple robotics, mainly in the most innovative industrial sectors besides the military and astronomical ones.

Today, algorithms, software, robotics and technologically advanced innovations enable AGV solutions to be offered in a wide range of industrial and service applications.

Whether it is the automotive industry, agriculture or logistics, AGVs represent a complete solution for material handling. Automatic guided vehicles can also increase efficiency and productivity, as well as increase safety and reduce the labor cost.

What will you find in this eBook?

  • Benefits of implementing self-driving vehicles in the warehouse;
  • How to increase flexibility and adaptability to every plant requirement and to every type of product thanks to AGVs;
  • Studies on how AGV guarantee low management and maintenance costs;
  • All the integrated solutions by A.Celli, such as self-driving vehicles, packaging systems, automatic warehouses and iREEL, an Extreme Automation solution by A.Celli.