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A.Celli Digital Solution: Your Fellow Traveller on Your Journey Through Industry 4.0

The technology available in the Tissue and Nonwovens industry is becoming increasingly computerized. Despite this, is the IIoT already used to its full capacity?

The reality is that companies are still facing some significant challenges: machines on different production lines that operate with their own software and analyze data as distinct and separate from each other; difficulty to integrate data coming from the production line with overall company operations; inability for companies that operate on a global scale to effectively manage and control multiple plants in numerous locations.

What You Will Learn With This eBook:

  • how the A.Celli Digital Solution can link together every machine along the production line and in every plant a company runs; 
  • how real-time machine monitoring via dashboard make it possible to have constant and consistent performance monitoring;
  • how the data-driven process control makes use of Augmented Reality (AR) and Chatbots;
  • how AI can support predictive maintenance, automatic defect recognition and anomaly detection.